Online Training

Being involved in an NGO is all about impacting your community as well as self-development. It is all about seeking out other active citizens like you and bringing them into your projects to achieve greater results. This special course will teach you all about impacting your communities and achieving results.


Every exciting journey begins with discovering a new path. In this interactive course, participants embark on an engaging journey that goes down the path that answers why JCI exists. Our trainer Heidi Jäntti will teach you the core values and framework that drives the JCI Mission, explore the skills you can develop through JCI, and help you discover what it means to be an active citizen, creating sustainable impact in a changing world.


This course also helps Local Organisations structure their recruitment process and create membership retention and management strategies that will lead to growth in quality members in their Local Organisation. This will be achieved through finding, properly training, and inducting candidates into becoming effective and active members who will climb the JCI career ladder and in turn motivate other candidates to join the organisation.

About the Trainer

Heidi Jäntti from Helsinki, Finland works as a training director for The Federation of Finnish Enterprises. Heidi is also a licensed pharmacist and has a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. Heidi has a passion for learning and skills development and therefore has also studied Psychology and Educational Sciences. Heidi has been an active member of JCI since 2007 and a trainer since 2011. Currently, she is a member of JCI Helsinki.


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